Welcome to Little Forest Folk Wimbledon

We use the 19th Wimbledon Scout Hut for parents to drop their children off before work and collect them at the end of the working day, which is only a mile away from our forest setting.

Our base is situated immediately adjacent to the wilds of Wimbledon Common, where children have free rein to explore, play and have unbounded adventures in a natural wild setting. Children are amused with activities outdoors the majority of the time, however we do on site have an 8 metre geodesic dome which is our base camp to which the children can always retreat for warmth, shelter and sleeps.

Our play is child-led and play-based. Children's imaginations are the only barrier to a day at Little Forest Folk and they are encouraged to run, imagine, create and reflect. Resources are primarily natural materials with some basic props provided to aid exploration.

Good nutrition is something that we hold in high regard. All our meals are home-made, simple, yet adventurous and are packed with enough energy to ensure the children can be active and happy all day. We enjoy a nutritious dinner every day and on Friday mornings we haveWild Cooking Fridays, exploring all things food related and honing our little chef skills.


There are two options for attending Little Forest Folk Wimbledon, aFull Dayor aSessional Day. Full Days run 8am to 6pm (Fridays finish 3:30pm), include breakfast, lunch and dinner, whereas Sessional Days are shorter days running 9.30am to 3.30pm, which includes lunch. Both include a morning and afternoon snack. We ask for a minimum commitment of at least three days per week per child.


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19th Wimbledon Scout Hut, 106 Cottenham Park Road, London, SW20 0SZ

For busy parents who need to drop their children off before work and collect them at the end of the working day, we have use of the 19th Wimbledon Scout Hut. This site is only a 10 minute walk from Raynes Park station or a 10 minute drive from Wimbledon tube, train and tram station.

The forest setting is only a mile or so away from the Scout Hut, along residential streets, situated within an entirely fenced off former paddock immediately adjacent to Wimbledon Common. Here, Little Forest Folk has the use of an entirely fenced off former paddock immediately adjacent to the wilds of Wimbledon Common between 9:30am and 5:00pm. Children have free reign to explore, play and have unbounded adventures in a natural wild setting.

There is some parking available directly outside the 19th Wimbledon Scout Hut, or in the nearby streets. Please be considerate of the neighbours in this residential area.

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Drop off address
(Full Day)

19th Wimbledon Scout Hut,
106 Cottenham Park Road,
朗don SW20 0SZ

DROP OFF ADDRESS (Sessional Day and
Holiday Camp)

Barham Road Car Park, London SW20 0ET

Nursery green space address

Fishponds Wood Nature Reserve,
朗don SW20


Meet The Team

The Wimbledon team come from all over the world and have experience in a wide range of educational practices. To learn more about them click here:

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A massive thank you to you and all your staff for everything you’ve done for our son. He has grown into a wonderful little person full of imagination and mass amounts of courage and this is mostly due to his time at Little Forest Folk.
— Parent, Wimbledon

Wimbledon fees

Depending on your circumstance there are three different ways to fund your child's place at Little Forest Folk.

For detailed information onpricing and term dates please click here

You can also read the summaries below and click on the relevant link.

Free places for two-year-olds

As a social enterprise, Little Forest Folk offer free places for full-time childcare for qualifying two-year-old children. If you are eligible for two-year-old government funding you will be eligible for our Little Forest Folk programme of free places.

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government funded places

Your child is able to access 15 hours universal entitlement,570 hours of free entitlement hours funded by the government after their third birthday. This funding can be applied across the school terms (38 weeks per year) or stretched to cover a longer period of the year (51 weeks per year).

We offer 30 hours of funded childcare to eligible families. Working parents of 3 and 4 year olds are able to obtain an additional 15 hours of funded childcare provided that they meet certain eligibility criteria.

When your child is eligible for 15 or 30 hour funding;

Children who turn 3 years old on or between:

  • 1 April and 31 August are eligible from the autumn term starting in September

  • 9月1日和12月31日是合格的spring term starting in January

  • 1 January and 31 March are eligible from the summer term starting in April

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how do waiting lists work?

If you would like detailed information about how our waiting lists work, please follow the link below.

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