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Putney Heath




在我们看到更多的信息Waiting list FAQs还有我们的招生政策

If you have any enquiries or wish to update us about ideal start date, sessions or siblings, please email the back office atinfo@littleforestfolk.com。为了帮助我们在候补名单上找到您,请包括以下信息:托儿所的位置,孩子的姓名和出生日期。



can I visit a nursery?

Yes. It’s not a requirement that you visit our nurseries before joining the waiting list but we encourage all prospective parents to come and visit us. We announce site tours when they become available and you will receive details of how to book via our mailing list.


How do waiting lists work?

请按khere看我们的Waiting List FAQs


Your child is able to access 570 hours of free early education or childcare per year from the term after their third birthday. Little Forest Folk offer this funding applied across the school terms or stretched to cover a longer period of the year. For more details on each individual borough and how you sign up please check the fees pages for each location:




Putney Heath






The child can continue to access these places following their third birthday. We provide a maximum of two sessional or full days per week per child, as long as Little Forest Folk are the only recipient of the child’s free entitlement hours funded by the Government. These places are provided on a first come first served basis.
If you have further questions or you are interested in a funded place please contact Hannah:hannah@littleforestfolk.com

What do you do when it rains and is cold?

玩! !保持温暖和干燥是最重要的t element to create happiness and creative play regardless of the weather. Whilst the woods themselves afford shelter, we also have large, lightweight tarps that we rig up to provide wind-breaks and extra protection when we don’t want to let a sudden downpour disrupt our games. We find that as long as children have good outdoor clothing, are out of any biting wind and that their hands are warm, they are happy to play outdoors regardless of the weather.

We have a fire available at snack time on cold days, and will often have a hot drink. We are also fortunate to have skilled educators who are quickly able to put up cosy shelters, especially for the wettest and coldest conditions. If nurseries and primary schools in Scandinavia can spend the majority of their time playing in the woods in their challenging climate, we can certainly manage it in South West London!


作为您的注册费,我们将为您提供一套Didrikson的防水。您将需要确保您的孩子每天都会穿着这些防水,以遵循我们的保护程序。除了您在Little Forest Folk的时间外,这些防水性能在周末,假期等上免费使用。亚博技术支持彩票当您的孩子长大后,我们将为下一个尺寸提供45.00英镑的额外费用。如果您想购买以上相同尺寸的一组防水以避免经常洗涤,那么我们可以以45.00英镑的价格从我们这里购买,或者当然欢迎您与其他父母交谈,并使用任何已经超出种子的套件。我们还建议家庭以55英镑的价格购买一套羊毛衬里的冬季防水套装,我们会提前订购寒冷的月份。

What about severe storms?

Our aim is to be outdoors in rain, wind, or shine but in severe storms, where safety could be compromised, we will return to or remain in our indoor facility for the day and use the outdoor space there to ensure we are still getting some fresh air! However If the weather is assessed as being dangerous, or Forest School qualified practitioners will make a decision and return back to our indoor locations which we are able to use in such situations.

What happens in case of an accident?

Children who are used to playing outdoors are far less likely to injure themselves. They have developed a natural risk assessment process and are more stable and understanding of their capabilities than children who do not often spend time in such an environment.



We have a specified areas in the woods where we erect a special toilet tent to offer shelter and privacy for toileting. Children not used to toileting outside quickly adapt and staff are on hand to assist as needed. We provide warm water and soap for hand washing after toileting and before snack-time.






The area near Picolo is a densely populated residential area. We would recommend wherever possible that you take public transport or walk to the building. There is some parking available outside the centre but this is suitable for pickup and drop off only and could not be used for all day parking.




为了在我们的莫登托儿所(Morden Nursery)下车,我们靠近Cannon Hill Lane的公交车站。我们建议在道路上找到免费的停车场,或者在车道沿岸的停车位有限。

putney heath

For drop offs at Putney Heath nursery there is access via car for drop off at the site, parking space is limited so we encourage walking to drop off and pick up where possible.


At Twickenham our site is also very closely located to Twickenham train station for easy access to public transport.


There is parking next to Paradise Co-op for drop off and collection. For drop offs at Wimbledon common the Windmill car park is available for all day parking.


There is some parking available directly outside the 19th Wimbledon Scout Hut, or in the nearby streets. Please be considerate of the neighbours in this residential area. There is a car park available in Barham road, SW20 TEP for all day parking at our forest site meeting point.

How will my children be transported to the forest site?

For those nurseries with outdoor spaces located further away Little Forest Folk has safe and robust Ford Transit minibuses, specially fitted with safe car seats. Children are be placed in these age and weight appropriate car seats and securely strapped in. They are transported to the forest site with a ratio of 1 member of staff for every four children, plus the driver. The driver possesses a full clean driving licence and an enhanced DBS check.



Opportunity to nurture

When we ask a four year old to be tolerant of a two year old’s first fumbling efforts to put on his or her jacket, we are teaching them the beginnings of parent education. Our children need real contexts in which their dispositions to be nurturing can be manifested and strengthened. Furthermore, the young children who are encouraged, comforted and nurtured by older children will be able to emulate their older classmates when they themselves become the older ones in a group. Children need opportunities not only to observe and imitate a wide range of competencies, but also to find companions among their peers who match, complement, or supplement their interests in different ways.

Ways of learning

Single-age groups seem to create enormous normative pressures on the children and the teacher to expect all the children to possess the same knowledge and skills. There is a tendency in a homogeneous age group to penalize the children who fail to meet normative expectations. There is no evidence to show that a group of children who are all within a twelve-month age range can be expected to learn the same things, in the same way, on the same day, at the same time. The wide range of knowledge and skills that exists among children within a single-age group suggests that whole-group instruction, if overused, may not best serve children's learning.

On the other hand, the wider the age span in a group, the wider the range of behaviour and performance likely to be accepted and tolerated by not just the adults but the children themselves. In a mixed-age group, an adult is more likely to address differences, not only between children but within each individual child.

对社会福利的研究表明,孩子们n very early associate different expectations with different age groups. Experiments have shown that even a three-year-old, when shown pictures of older and younger children in hypothetical situations, will assign different kinds of behaviour to an older child than to a younger child. For instance, younger children assign to older children instructive, leadership, helpful, and sympathizing roles, whereas older children assign to younger children the need for help and instruction. Thus in the mixed-age group, younger children perceive the older ones as being able to contribute something, and the older children see the younger ones as in need of their contributions. These mutually reinforcing perceptions create a climate of expected cooperation beneficial to the children.

Social participation



Why isn’t your outdoor area fenced? How is the safety of my child safeguarded?

Safeguarding is of paramount importance to our practitioners.

At Morden, Wimbledon, Twickenham and our Wandsworth Magdalen sites we operate in a fully fenced site. At Chiswick, Fulham, Putney Heath and Wandsworth Windmill we offer a nomadic forest experience, primarily due to the limited exclusive green space on offer in the city. However, these spaces have the benefit of being unrestricted and so offer a wider diversity of play options and learning experiences to our children. To ensure safety, our staff work upon a strict ratio of one teacher to four children (as opposed to the standard nursery ratios of 1:8 or 1:13 for those settings employing highly qualified teachers as we do). In addition to this your waterproofs provided are brightly coloured and have defined colours per age. With one practitioner for every four children the children are always within immediate line of sight and proximity to a staff member, always within our boundary.

除此之外,一个关键的保护练习是我们定期与孩子们玩的游戏,例如三分之二,您在哪里或三分之二 - 两者都跑到我身边,这两者都鼓励孩子们通过玩耍,因此不会感到不烦人了解在我们的边界和家庭分组中留下的重要性。

How do you stop dog walkers and members of the public accessing your forest site?


看我们dog policy了解更多信息。

What do you feed my children?

We see a big part of our role in our children’s lives is to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. An essential element of this is providing nutritious, energy giving snacks and meals to the children. We change our menus seasonally to allow us to enjoy the best ingredients available to us. Ourcurrent menuis available on our website and most dietary requirements can be catered for.

What about holiday camps?

Holiday campsare run during the school holidays only and are available for enrolled nursery families for two to five-year-olds and for the general public from three to seven-year-olds. Priority booking is offered to nursery families then any remaining availability is offered to the public. We require a minimum booking of two days per week for holiday camps.


Learn all about our Little Forest Folk Primary School which opened in 2019 here:自由林地学校。

have any more questions?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via info@littleforestfolk.com or on 07707 545913 and we will be happy to help.